about me



hey everyone, my name is hồng thảo. i am a vietnamese girl who loves reading and writing. (who doesn’t?) i am a freshman in college, and that means that i still have a lot to learn and to experience. i started this blog as a self-reflective diary (or maybe a portfolio?) on where i can post my writings. i hope that you would enjoy a varied content on this blog: from poems (a fancy way in which i describe my rhyming “coming-of-age confessions”), translation (in which i translate poems, short stories, non-fictions in english to vietnamese, and hopefully, vice versa), to literary essays on works that i dearly love. thank YOU very much for stopping by! please feel free to give me feedbacks (or critique) on my writings. much appreciated!

“now deeper the water I sail
and faster the current I’m in
that each night brings the stars
and the song in my heart 
is a tune for the journeyman’s tale”

– the water, johnny marling & laura marling –